I'm Levi, and I give a damn.

I give a damn about doing a good job. Business depends on people. When you do a good job, people talk about it. When people talk, business grows. I started my first business at 11 and grew it from 1 customer to 15, all by word of mouth. It's how I plan to grow this business.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.s. in Agricultural Communications in 2009. (I like to call it my B.s. in BS)

Freedom is important to me. Everyone is as free as they allow themselves to be. I won't sacrifice freedom for safety. I will dare to live dangerously. 

I give a damn about local business and family farms. Today they have the same opportunity to reach a large audience without a large budget. Every business and farm has a unique story to tell. Your story is what will make people want to do business with you.