Feed the Needy, Empty the Prisons

What if we can fix the prison overpopulation problem and help feed those in need?

It's quite simple, take everyone serving a life sentence or more and anyone on death row. Feed them for a year on a gluten-free, organic diet. Make sure they get a lot of yard time. Then euthanize them.

Ruston Kelly's Dying Star - My Album of the Year.

One of the things I struggle with is when I find a new band, song, or whatever else I have a connection with. Part of me wants to tell the world about it because other people could connect with it too. The other part of me wants to keep it to myself, almost as if other people enjoying it will make me enjoy it less.

Blow Up Your TV!

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Do some research, get some facts, and form your own opinion. We all can’t be a bunch of puppets walking around regurgitating other people’s opinions.

Recently a few of my friends have given up Facebook. This got me thinking, how much time do we spend on social media? The average person spends 116 minutes per day on social media. Nearly two hours. I personally don't believe this to be a healthy statistic. So here are a few things we could be doing instead to better our lives.