Less Facebook, More Growth.

Recently a few of my friends have given up Facebook. This got me thinking, how much time do we spend on social media? The average person spends 116 minutes per day on social media. Nearly two hours. I personally don't believe this to be a healthy statistic. So here are a few things we could be doing instead to better our lives.



You can read 200-300 words per minute. There are roughly 250-300 words per page in a book. The average book is 200-400 pages long. Using the low side of this spectrum, the average book is 50,000 words. When reading at 200 words per minute, it would take you 250 minutes (4.16 hours) to read an entire book. If we devoted half the time we spend on social media to reading we could read a new book every five days. That’s 73 books a year! Can you imagine how much smarter everyone would be if we read 73 books a year? If not books, there are millions of online resources brimming with knowledge. Waiting for someone like you to take it all in.

I often wonder how much smarter the great minds of the past would be if they had all the resources we have now. Libraries are free (if you don’t have late charges) and you can carry a book anywhere. Don’t want to lug a book around? Everyone has a smartphone, pull up a book or article instead of logging on to social media. Check out the benefits of daily reading here.

Take an online class:

One of my life goals is to always be improving. Whether that’s in writing, archery, photography, or anything else I decide to do. Online classes and instructional videos are a great way to improve your skills. The last class I took on creative live was 318 minutes (5.3 hours) long. It’s also the class that revamped my interest in writing. I finished this class over the course of a weekend. Spending half the time wasted on social media, we could consume an online class in 6 days. Creative Live courses aren’t free, but if you watch the website they often have sales. Here’s a coupon for $15 off your first Creative Live class.


Southpark WoW.jpg

I can’t think of a person who sits in front of a computer all day without thinking about this character from South Park. Not that everyone who does sit in front of a computer all day looks like this. I’ve noticed my waistline starting to grow since spending more time at my desk. I refuse to buy bigger pants. That’s a sign of giving up!

30 minutes of exercise per day will benefit the average person. Replace a fourth of your social media time with exercise and you will see health benefits. Want more energy? Less stress? More self-confidence? More creativity? Get up and move 30 minutes a day. Check out this article on the benefits of exercise.

As an added bonus you will also,

Save Money:

Reducing your time on social media could save you money. According to AARP, spending more time on social media sites leads to higher credit card debt and lower credit scores. Being bombarded with advertising. The friend who got a new car. The ridiculous amount of junk people sell, all make you want to spend more money (whether you have it or not). Facebook is like a garage sale! Everyone has something they're trying to get rid of. One of my favorite Jerry Seinfeld jokes, “if the guy selling it doesn’t want it, why do I want it?” More stuff will not make you a better person.

So why are people stepping away from this social platform?

“It consumed too much time and nothing on there was useful to me. My phone battery appreciates me not having Facebook! My wallet too, because I was on marketplace wanting to buy stupid shit.” My friend Levi - a different one - who has done away with Facebook said.

Social media is a great tool for business. It helps friends and family keep in touch.

It is also consuming people’s lives and causing a divide in society.

“The content is bad and the atmosphere is divisive. Like on Twitter, if I want to go on a political tangent and someone doesn’t like it, they can ignore it. Seems like on Facebook that isn’t so easy.” Lawyer Jason Lollman exclaimed to me. “I don’t have the tunnel vision I used to. I don’t care about the bullshit debates or drama.”

Less time on social media will make us more well-rounded individuals. How much time are you wasting on social media? What can you do instead?

Leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

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