A Lot Like Lobsters

A Lot Like Lobsters

Feeling defeated? You could be bringing it on yourself. It may not seem like there’s much of a similarity between ourselves and lobsters. Dr. Jordan Peterson makes a brilliant connection in his book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

Lobsters are very territorial. Like ourselves, they battle for the best territory in their habitats. As they battle, something strange happens. Their brain chemistry changes depending on how they fare in battle. If the lobster wins, he becomes more dominant and desirable. His posture changes to let everyone know he was victorious.

Losing has the opposite effect.  The defeated lobster has a less dominant posture. He will likely lose confrontations in the future. It will give way to other lobsters without even fighting.

The same thing happens to us. The more we take on new challenges, win, and grow the better we become. We will be more confident, have a better posture, and seem more desirable to others. The more we win the more likely we are to win in the future.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. The more we lose the more likely we are to feel defeated, and back down from new challenges without facing them.

Winning and losing are both cycles. Winners will continue to win and losers will continue to lose. Not to get religious but there’s a bible quote describing this. “For those who have everything, more will be given. For those who have nothing, everything will be taken.” Matthew 13:12.

Have you ever looked at someone and been able to tell you’d be able to beat them in a challenge? Are you bigger or in better shape? It’s hard to tell what exactly gives you the feeling, but for some reason, you can tell you could defeat that person.

Our posture speaks volumes on our psyche. Walking around looking defeated will make people assume you’re defeat-able. This could increase your chances of being taken advantage of or steamrolled in a debate.

Stand up tall with your shoulders back! Dr. Peterson proclaims!

Hierarchy is a built-in part of our evolution. Having good posture makes people think of high status. A better posture also increases serotonin and dopamine production in the brain. These give you a better outlook on the future. You will feel more likely to overcome any challenges you might face.

Changing your posture isn't a quick fix for everything in life, but it's a good place to start. Stand up tall and let your voice be heard.


“Yeah, you got to try for something

Bend your knee and fight for something

Learn how to die for something

So you ain't living life for nothing, no”

-Ruston Kelly


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