Blow Up Your TV!

Blow Up Your TV!

My first album purchase was Dark Side of the Moon. So you could say I’ve always been a Pink Floyd fan. One of their songs was standing out to me yesterday, Welcome to the Machine.

“Welcome my son, welcome to the machine

What did you dream?

It's alright we told you what to dream”

The main reason this stands out to me is how involved (or interested) people are in other people’s lives. Celebrity or otherwise - lately I’ve watched people have visceral reactions to things someone has said or done on TV or the internet. The President is an easy target now and he’s who everyone is loving to hate. Is it because you don’t agree with his policy? I don’t know. I haven’t agreed with many presidents since I’ve been old enough to keep track of what the president is doing. In Clinton’s case, who they were doing. That said, I’ve also never hated a person - especially one I’ve never met - so much I was wishing for that person’s death.

I recently went to a Tinder Live event. People getting on stage with their phone and playing Tinder. While a group of “comedians” discusses the prospects while the crowd watches. One prospect’s bio mentioned she had a pet calf named Donald. The crowd hated this possible match because of that line of text. Some - seemingly gay - guy in the crowd fell out of his chair because he was swinging his arms to the left so wildly.

But why? Why do you let the mentioning of someone’s name work you up into such a visceral reaction you fall out of your chair? What good came from that? Did it change anything? Or are you so hard up for attention you have to act out so someone will notice you?

Because every phone, computer, and tv screen in America has some sort of anti-Trump message somewhere in its content?

I bring this up because of the Rule of 7. It’s a marketing term that says someone has to hear/see your message seven times before they will buy your product. With effective marketing, you can make people love/hate about anything.

This is why I don’t watch TV - especially not the news - They are not trying to inform you. Broadcast companies are trying to form you. They want your perspective to line up with what is most profitable for them. Less time in front of the mind control machine would do us good. They call it PROGRAMMING for a reason. Remind yourself that next time you turn on a TV.

Listen to this song! Shooter Jennings wrote a song describing this exact thing.

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Do some research, get some facts, and form your own opinion. We all can’t be a bunch of puppets walking around regurgitating other people’s opinions.

What did you think?

It’s alright we told you what to think.

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