Flies vs. Bees

Flies vs. Bees

Are you a fly or a bee?

How can you tell?

It’s easy.

If you’re a bee, you’re a hard worker, you’re attracted to positive things like flowers. You hang out with other hard workers who are attracted to positive things. You are an agent for making things grow.

If you’re a fly, you hang around shit and garbage all day. You’re attracted to death. You spread disease and help the decaying process.

When a fly is attacked, it avoids its aggressors. It goes to a less threatening place.

If a bee is feeling attacked, the bee defends itself against potential foes. People pursue flies to kill them. When’s the last time you saw someone getting aggressive with a bumble bee?

Think about what you’re surrounding yourself with. Are you and your friends looking for the beauty in the world? Are you helping things grow and prosper? Or are you surrounding yourself with negativity? Are you destroying things and tearing people down?

Be a Bee!

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