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012 - A Well-Worn Path

Kicking it off again with Jocko.

Failure = Opportunity

You have to be willing to take a risk.

Competition is part of business – You can’t be in business and be a pussy.

Believe – Get the right people on the bus – Kick Ass

Never stop learning/Innovating offer code IDIOM - 10% off

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011 - Dr. Gretchen McGee

Dr. Gretchen McGee recently graduated from medical school and is starting her residency in family medicine. We talk about dating on tinder, how to make your tinder profile not suck. How we met, our wedding, and honeymoon to New York City is also discussed

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007 - Jessica Willingham

Jessica Willingham is a freelance and creative writer. She’s been featured in Time, The Huffington Post, and Bustle.

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