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I use Squarespace to build high-quality websites for my clients to drive traffic to their businesses and organizations and help them reach their target demographics. As a Squarespace circle designer my clients receive additional discounts for Squarespace services.

Family farms, local businesses and community organizations are what keep America moving. Today it is getting harder and harder to break through the noise. Big corporations spend billions of dollars to reach folks like us. Even though they know nothing about the way life operates in a small town.

My goal is to use a no-nonsense approach to sharing your unique story. Today people use the internet like a phone book. Having a website is today's version of being listed in the phone book. It is your business card to the world.

My vast experiences make me uniquely qualified to help you get your message to the world. Whether hauling hay, busting knuckles in a garage, or meeting with the VP of a major corporation. Your business is something I will be able to relate to.


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Walterscheidt Hay Farms

Sons of Ireland Basketball